5 Great Gift Ideas for the Fisher in Your Life

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Fisher in Your Life

When you buy gifts for a friend, family member or spouse, you want something that appeals to his or her interests. You want something memorable and useful. You want something that shows how much you care.

But shopping for a fisher isn’t always easy, especially when he or she already has the basic necessities. You might worry that a shiny new tackle box wouldn’t hold the entire collection of hooks. Or, you may wonder if a new pole would ever compare to the custom, hand-crafted rod already in the garage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the classic bait, lines and reel cases when you shop for gifts this year. Take a look at some of these more popular presents for novice fishers and expert fly fishermen alike.

1. Polarized Sunglasses

Many outdoor adventurers could warn you about the dangers of photokeratitis, also known as snow blindness. As the UV rays reflect off the ice and snow, they damage the thin surface layer of the cornea, resulting in pain, redness and blurriness.

But any sailor worth his or her salt knows that photokeratitis can also happen at sea. Large bodies of water can also reflect the UV rays back toward the eyes, and without proper protection, your fisher could experience temporary vision loss.

Although regular sunglasses offer some degree of protection, polarized sunglasses shield against UV rays, making them a perfect accessory for extended fishing trips.

2. Outdoor Apparel

If you have a tight budget, you could spend a few dollars on a T-shirt with a fishing-related pun or quote. But if you want to make a good impression, your beloved fisher could likely use some sturdier gear.

Whether your fisher prefers to wade in the shallows or brave the deep, he or she will need clothing that dries quickly and whisks away water. Shirts and pants that layer easily will work well for trips in poor weather. And thick wool socks will keep feet warm while wading.

3. Books and Magazine Subscriptions

If fishing is more than just an idle hobby, your partner or friend will appreciate an expert’s opinion on how to improve his or her techniques.

The right books and magazine subscriptions can give your fisher tips for finding the best hot spots in Victoria, tricks for selecting the right lure for twitch-and-pause fishing and ways to organize a tackle box.

Some of the most popular fishing and boating magazines in Australia include Fishing DownUnderOceanModern Fishing and FlyLife.

4. GoPro and Chest Mount

Does your loved one have some tech-savvy skills in addition to his or her passion for fishing? If so, check out the GoPro. This versatile camera comes in multiple shapes and sizes, making it the convenient way to film any outdoor adventures.

When you purchase the chest mount accessory for the GoPro, you can also film all the action of the latest catch without interfering with the rod or line. As a result, you won’t need to mount that trophy fish on your wall to prove your fisher caught that enormous pink snapper.

5. Boat Trip

Unless you haul in a large income every year, you likely can’t afford to surprise your spouse, child or friend with a brand new boat. Small boats can cost several thousand dollars, while larger boats total $30,000 or more.

But just because you can’t buy a boat doesn’t mean you can’t rent one. If you want to surprise your fisher with a memorable experience, consider renting a boat for a few hours. Many boat rental businesses offer packages that include all the essentials for a great time, including hooks, swivels, sinkers and lines.

Still Not Sure?

All of these options are sure to please the fisher in your life. But if you don’t feel confident buying one of these items as a gift, feel free to ask your loved one what he or she would like. Though the gift may lack the element of surprise, you can rest confidently knowing that your fisher will regularly use and enjoy the present.

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