6 Kids Essentials to Bring on Your Family Fishing Trip

6 Kids Essentials to Bring on Your Family Fishing Trip

You’ve made the reservation, and you’ve planned out the details. You’ve taught your children the basics of fishing and everyone’s excited for the upcoming family fishing trip. Now you just need to figure out what to pack.

Here are six essential items to remember to ensure both your children’s and your happiness on this adventure.

1. Food and Water

On shorter trips, you probably can get away with one water bottle and one granola bar for each person. On longer trips, however, you’ll need more than that. Bring plenty of water for everyone. Pack some juice boxes or sports drinks. If it’s going to be particularly cold, some hot chocolate in a thermos might also be nice.

As for food, bring any meals you may need–sandwiches are a good bet–as well as lots of snacks. Trail mix, jerky, vegetables and dip, crackers and cheese and fruit cups are all perfect options. Your kids might enjoy bringing themed snacks as well, like gummy worms and goldfish crackers.

2. Shoes and Clothes

The types of shoes and clothes everyone wears represent essential elements to a successful fishing trip. If possible, have everyone wear water shoes. If water shoes aren’t available for each family member, bring old tennis shoes or some good sandals. Whatever you go with, make sure it has good tread so no one slips.

Out on the water, the temperature generally becomes noticeably cooler than inland. So even in the dead of summer, you still might want to bring jackets for everyone. Even if you’re planning on driving straight back home after the trip, bring an extra set of clothes so no one has to do the drive in miserably wet clothing.

3. Protective Gear

The first thing you may think of when it comes to protective gear on a fishing trip may be lifejackets and first aid kits. While buy soma fast delivery those things are crucial, there’s more to protection than that. Sunglasses and wide brimmed hats will not only protect your from the sun, but also from unexpected splashes of water. Also don’t forget sunscreen so no one goes home a little toasty.

4. Camera

Especially if this is your kid’s first fishing trip, do not forget the camera. Try to find a high quality waterproof camera to ensure exciting and lasting pictures. You never know what beautiful wonders you may come across in your journey. And when your child catches his first fish, you’ll be able to take the classic photo of the fisherman and his fish.

5. Entertainment

Depending on the ages of your children, they may get bored easily on a fishing trip. Fishing includes long periods of time sitting and waiting. Bring some sort of entertainment along for when they get too bored or frustrated to hold the rod any longer.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you may be able to satisfy boredom with just that—only make sure it doesn’t get water damaged. Otherwise, good books or a laminated deck of cards represent excellent choices.

6. Waterproof Bags

On a fishing trip, water is guaranteed to get everywhere, even when the water’s calm. At the very least, you’ll have your mobile phone with you and that definitely needs to keep dry. Cameras, maps and various types of children’s entertainment should stay dry as well. And those spares clothes? No point in bringing them if they’re just going to get wet.

For smaller things that need to be more accessible, you can just use a ziplock bag to keep them dry. For larger things or things that you won’t need as much, bring a waterproof backpack.

Use these suggestions to make your upcoming fishing trip fun for everyone. For other tips for planning a family fishing trip, read our other fishing blogs.