An Easy-to-follow Boat Hire Checklist for Your Next Fishing Trip

An Easy-to-follow Boat Hire Checklist for Your Next Fishing Trip

Maybe the holidays are around the corner and you are already surfing the internet on how can you utilise them productively.

Well, how about considering going on a fishing trip with your family and friends? Fishing is definitely a safe adventure activity to indulge in and the best part is; people of all ages enjoy it. So, no matter you have kids or grandparents at home, you definitely can plan a fishing trip on a self-drive boat from Bluey’s Boat Hire. You do not need experience to drive the boat, they are easy to operate and we show you how.

But, amidst all this planning, there’s just one tiny glitch – you have no idea what you need to take along, basically the essentials that you are going to require on your fishing adventure.

What to do?

Well, this piece of content directs you to an important checklist that you need to tick off when you go on a fishing trip.

What Should You Pack Before Heading to Your Fishing Trip?

Going well-organised is the trick!

Here’s the guide that will help you with your fishing essentials:

#1 Choose Good Weather

Bluey’s Boat Hire can only operate when the weather conditions are suitable. For your safety and enjoyment, we only hire boats when winds are below 20kph and there is no heavy rain or thunderstorm activity.

Some important tips on the weather.

  • Best time of the day – Mornings are always the calmest and by early afternoon most days are too windy for safe boating.
  • Choose your day – Book based on the weather conditions … and then organise the availability of your friends.
  • DO NOT TRY THE IMPOSSIBLE – It is impossible to book based on the availability of your friends …. and then try to organise the weather.

#2 What should you wear?

It is recommended to go fully prepared so that you enjoy every bit of your fishing day-out.

  • Jumper – This will protect and keep you warm when you are starting early in the morning.
  • Shorts – Shorts have to be your pick. Otherwise, long pants are recommended.
  • Lightweight shirt – Adorning a cotton based shirt will protect your arms and shoulders from getting sunburned.
  • Light colour clothes – Try to have a light colour clothes as this reflects the sun to keep you cool in hot weather.
  • Non-skid rubber-soled shoes – Flip flops are not recommended at all, instead, sneakers can turn out to be perfect for you during your fishing adventure.

#3 How to protect yourself from the weather?

Whilst all Bluey’s Boat Hire vessels have shade protection, it is recommended to take the sun-safe essentials to avoid having to hide away from all the fishing action.

  • Sunscreen – It is recommended to get one that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Lip balm – Using a sun protected lip balm will prevent your lips from getting chapped out on the water.
  • Hat – The one with the brims provide you with the required shade and also reduces the risk of sunstroke.

#4 How should you prepare yourself medically?

Whenever you step out of your home for some adventure, it is advisable to keep certain medical equipment and the medicines with you.

  • Seasickness meditation – Are you or your group members prone to seasickness? If yes, get some motion sickness medication from the chemist the day before and take it a few hours before you go on the boat. Also, avoid heavy consumption of alcohol the night before if you want to have a puke-free trip.
  • Bug spray – Where there is water, there are bugs. So, come prepared with a bug spray.
  • Hand sanitiser – When your hands are covered with fish slime, you wouldn’t like to eat your sandwich, right? Hence, carry a hand sanitiser to ensure that you clean your hands first before eating anything.

#5 Where will you put all your gear?

Bringing all the big and small stuff on board is a crucial task and it really needs to be well organised.

  • Collapsible cooler – Bring a collapsible cooler or a small esky to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool.
  • Drinking bottle – Sip along the water or energy drink from your sports bottle. Having such bottles helps you avoid the leaks or spills while letting you stay hydrated all day long.
  • Waterproof bag – It is a good idea to bring a small waterproof zip lock bag for your electronic gadgets as well as your important documents like fishing license.

#6 What are the other essentials?

  • Camera – You would want to record your trophy catch, right? Taking a camera along with you to record the thrill of a fight is definitely a good idea.
  • Hand Towel – Fishing can get messy. So, it is better to take a set of hand towels to clean when required.
  • Safety equipment– Bluey’s Boat Hire provide all the safety equipment including life jackets plus a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a torch.

This comprehensive checklist is surely going to assist you in making your fishing adventure successful, enjoyable and memorable.

If you haven’t booked your fishing boat hire or fishing charter and are in search of one, look no further than Bluey’s Boat Hire. Pre-booking lets you secure the boat of your choice from our large fleet. As we operate from the home of the Famous Five Reefs, you get access to awesome and safe fishing spots all within 5 to 15 minutes where you can even explore large numbers of monster fish that are getting bigger and more numerous each and every year. Our service provides you with a full range of quality bait, tackle and different refreshments; hence you can be sure to receive the best boating hire experience.

So, if you want to explore our fleet or want to seek any information regarding our boat hire, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at 03 9580 2902.