Boat Hire Frankston

Looking for a boat hire in Frankston, Australia? Just down the road at Mordialloc you will find Bluey’s Boat Hire, a fishing boat rental company offering the all-in-one marine adventure you are looking for. With a fleet of 20 ready-to-go fishing boats, all designed for fishing on the beautiful Port Philip Bay, as well as access to all of the best fishing spots, Bluey’s Boat Hire and our team of fishing enthusiasts will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure, hopefully one marked by the biggest fish you will ever catch!


At Bluey’s Boat Hire, our customers often ask us what they should bring on the boat for a fishing trip. Where some other boat hire companies ask you to lug around tons of fishing gear and licensing information, we aim to offer the Port Philip Bay experience to a wider audience. From fishing veterans to tourists who have never piloted a boat in their lives, our clientele is rich and varied, but they all have one thing in common: about soma online enthusiasm for the adventure at hand.

We encourage our customers to bring along sunscreen, a hat (for luck or sun protection), sunglasses and any fishing gear they wish to take with them. Don’t have any bait, tackle or fishing rods? No worries; Bluey’s Boat Hire has more than enough on site, and all of our supplies are available for rental along with our boats. Food and drink can also be purchased at an on-site kiosk. Simply put, boat hire near Frankston doesn’t get any easier than this.