Boat Hire Mordialloc

For years, Blueys Boat Hire has been offering the services of easy boat hire to the Mordialloc region, a small and beautiful community located on the shores of Port Philip Bay. But while Mordialloc, situated roughly equidistant from the city of Melbourne and the scenic Mornington Peninsula, may still remain one of Australia’s best-kept secrets, there is a reason why Blueys Boat Hire has long been able to draw customers from all over the country. Quite simply, clients looking for boat hire in Mordialloc (or beyond) know that Port Philip Bay is one of the foremost fishing destinations in the world, and Blueys Boat Hire, with its unassuming location, is perfectly positioned to offer full access to all of the bay’s best spots.


While Blueys Boat Hire may be just half an hour outside of Melbourne and 20 minutes from Frankston and the base of the Mornington Peninsula, anglers and other marine explorers still come from far and wide to take advantage of our fishing fleet. There are numerous reasons for this: first of all, our fleet of twenty hire boats can support dozens of clients and families each day. Each boat is large, but easy to operate and no boating licence is required for boat hire. Furthermore, each boat has been designed specifically for fishing on the bay. Add some quick training and solid advice from Blueys Boat Hire experts, and our clients are out catching fish like pros.

Secondly, Blueys Boat Hire is perfectly situated to offer fast and convenient access to five of the best and most famous reefs in Australian waters. Whether our clients are heading to Arty, Deep Drop, Muscles, Old Faithful or Pinnacles, only a five to fifteen minute boat trip separates them from the boathouse docks and fishing heaven.