Boat Hire Port Phillip

There is nothing quite like cruising the waters or fishing the reefs of Port Philip Bay. At Bluey’s Boat Hire, that’s the sort of experience we offer every single day. Providing boat hire for Port Philip Bay, Bluey’s Boat Hire, located in Mordialloc, provides customers with the finest boats, the best advice and all of the training they need to boat, fish and explore the waters of Port Philip Bay safely.


At Bluey’s Boat Hire, we also believe that no one should be robbed of the Port Philip Bay fishing experience just because they don’t have a boating licence or have never spent much time in a marina before. Instead, we make boat hire for Port Philip Bay easy and accessible to everyone, no licence required. When our customers come to Bluey’s Boat Hire and hire a boat for the day, they are getting more than just one of our beautiful fishing fleet models. In addition, our team provides free boat training and fishing advice that can help improve anyone’s Port Philip experience, from first-time boaters to veteran anglers.

Of course, we also recognise that not all of the customers who walk through the doors at Bluey’s Boat Hire are going to be lacking in experience. For licenced boaters looking for something a bit faster and more intense than our usual fishing fleet, we have a few premium boats that will satisfy virtually anyone’s need for speed. No matter the boat rental, however, Bluey’s Boat Hire prides itself on offering the highest-quality boat hire service at a fully affordable price.