Boat Rental Frankston

When it comes to boat rental, Frankston residents know it has many benefits. Renting a boat is much less expensive than owning a boat. It is a very economical way to spend time with friends and family. While on the water, boating can be very relaxing. Few pleasures in life can compare to casting a fishing line in the water and forgetting about your job for a few hours or watching the sun set.


It is almost impossible to tear kids away from their cell phones and home gaming systems. Renting a boat from Bluey’s Boat Hire, located in Mordialloc, will allow the family to reconnect. Spending time on the water is the perfect opportunity to tune out technological distractions.

Whether you are spending time with your seven-year-old niece or your 70-year-old grandmother, renting a boat is a great opportunity to create lasting memories.

Don’t be intimidated if you have never operated a boat before. Recreational boating is easy to learn and Bluey’s Boat Hire does not require a boating license. They offer advice and training to anyone who is interested. Boating is simple because it is so much fun.

Bluey’s Boat Hire is a great option as your next selection for boat rental. Frankston residents know this Mordialloc based boat rental service is among the best because they have a long tradition of boat rentals dating back over 100 years.

They have been in the same location and have a reputation for providing superior customer service. They offer a premium fleet of over 20 vessels built for the bay at very affordable prices. Committed to safety, Bluey’s also provides bait, tackle, and hire rods. If you are looking for affordable fun for the entire family, choose Bluey’s Boat Hire.