Boat Rental Mordialloc

One of the first things to come to mind when considering buying a boat is the cost. Financing a boat over 20 years can cost as little as 200 dollars a month, but that is excluding upkeep, insurance, storage, and the inconvenience of hauling the boat to and from the storage facility. What is the solution? Boat rental in Mordialloc. With a boat rental, you can leave maintenance, storage and other responsibilities to the professionals.


Your time can be dedicated to ensuring your family has a great day on the water! Chores like cleaning and doing repair work are replaced by sightseeing on the bay. Simply return the keys at the end of your day.

Bluey’s Boat Hire has been renting boats for over 100 years. They are well-known for their selection of premiere vessels, especially fishing boats. With Bluey’s, you can fish for various species all year round in the picturesque Mordialloc region. Staff are very buy soma money back familiar with the area and are happy to provide suggestions on where to go for the best fishing.  You are able to rent the finest boats at very reasonable prices.

Bluey’s is the best boat rental in Mordialloc with massive fleet of over 20 boats that are built especially for fishing on the bay.  No boating license is required.

By boat, there are five famous reefs that are five to fifteen minutes away from Bluey’s location. You can test your fishing skills at Pinnacles, Arty, Muscles, Deep Drop, and Old Faithful.

Plan your fishing trip with Bluey’s Boat Hire today!