Boat Rental Mornington Peninsula

Boating can be a great recreational activity for you, your friends, or your entire family. It is a fantastic option to complement the many choices you have when spending your free time. But owning a boat can be expensive, tedious, and time consuming.  Actual ownership of a boat is just the first step. Upkeep and maintenance can be just as expensive as the initial purchase. That is not a problem when considering boat rental. Residents of Mornington Peninsula know that Bluey’s Boat Hire in Mordialloc takes care of the hassle so you can focus on fun.


They offer premium boats at affordable prices. Whether you are planning a fishing trip, a family outing, or quality time with friends, Bluey’s Boat Hire offers a huge fleet of twenty boats for hire. Their fully featured boats are large and easy to operate. A boat license or experience is not required to rent a boat.

Bluey’s Boat Hire does not just buy soma bing online rent boats. They offer advice, training, bait tackle, fishing rods, and can provide staff that are committed to safety to work the boat for you.

Renting a boat is fun for both children and adults alike. Also, nothing tastes better than a filet that is freshly caught, prepared and cooked by you, your family, and friends. But taking a boat on the water isn’t about who caught the most or biggest fish. It’s spending time with your friends or family and building lasting memories.

When choosing a boat rental, Mornington Peninsula know to choose Bluey’s Boat Hire in Mordialloc.