Do I Need a Boat Licence?

Our Classic and Extreme boats are designed to meet the special requirements of hire without a boat licence. Hirers will however need a full or probationary car licence and be 18+ years of age. We also have a faster version of the Extreme boat for hirers with a boat licence.

Can I Stay Out Longer Than Booked?

Yes. If you wish to stay longer, casual overtime is paid upon your return.

What Does The Hire Fee Cover?

The hire fee includes usage, safety equipment, fuel and cleaning. A security deposit of $100 is refunded when the boat is returned in good order.

What Happens If I Come Back Early?

If you come back early we provide vouchers for your unused time. These Vouchers can be used to add to your next paid hire and are valid for 6 months.

What Happens If I Make a Booking And The Weather Is Bad?

We offer a Good Weather Guarantee for our customers who have pre-booked boats. When the day of hire arrives, if poor weather prevents safe boating you can simply reschedule dates and times over a six month period without any administration charges applying.

What Happens If I Make a Booking And My Plans Change?

We understand that plans can change therefore we provide our customers with the option to reschedule bookings to another date within a six month period. We require a minimum 12 hours notification for rescheduling.

How Many People Can Fit On A Boat?

This is the question that is most asked and causes us the most frustration. Cramming too many people and too much gear onto a boat is dangerous and ruins your enjoyment of the activity. Classic Boats can hold 1-8 people (maximum 6 adults) and are most comfortable with a maximum of 5 people and gear. The maximum weight on a Classic Boat is 600kg including gear. An Extreme Boat can hold 1-7 people (maximum 5 adults) and are most comfortable with a maximum of 5 people and gear. The maximum weight on an Extreme Boat is 500kg including gear. Children are counted as a full person. Bluey’s Boat Hire will not allow the hire of an overloaded boat under any circumstance.

There an Age Limit?

For our unlicenced boats the boat operator must be 18 years of age or older and passengers must be over the age of three and weigh at least 15kg due to life jacket design.


Are Lifejackets Provided?

Yes. Lifejackets in all sizes are provided as well as all other equipment to comply with Marine Safety Victoria requirements.

Do I Need Experience?

No. At Bluey’s we specialise in introducing people to a safe and fun boating experience. Full training is provided and the boats are extremely easy to operate.

How Far Can I Go?

You are permitted to travel 2 nautical miles (3km) in any direction after you exit the Mordialloc marina. Most people stay quite close to shore as that is where the main fishing reefs are.

Are There Any Hot Spots?

Yes. Mordialloc has the Five Famous Hotspots (Old Faithful, Pinnacles, Arty, Muscles, Deep Drop) that are easily accessible by our hire boats and offer a huge range of fish species.

Do People Catch Fish?

Yes indeed, Mordialloc boasts an enormous range of fish species from the small, the unique and the very large trophy specimens. We give you advice on where to go and how to catch the fish. Bluey’s Boat Hire has the Famous Five Fishing Hotspots within 5-15 minutes by boat.

Do I Need a Fishing Licence?

The State Government requires fishing licences for people over 18 and under 70 years of age. Fishing licenses can easily be purchased from Bluey’s Boathouse for  $10 (3 day), $20.30 (28 day), $35.70 (1 year), $96.70 (3 year). Fishing licences can also be purchased in advance online with slight savings for 1 year and 3 year durations. Click the link below to go directly to the Government Fisheries website at http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/fisheries/recreational-fishing/fishing-licence

What Does The Kiosk Stock?

The kiosk has a huge range of bait, tackle, hire rods, fishing licenses and refreshments.

Can I Drink Alcohol?

Yes. Alcohol is permitted but in absolute moderation for the boat driver and all passengers. Marine Laws require that alcohol can not be consumed by anybody under 21 years of age, either the driver or passengers. The Water Police regularly patrol the area to ensure safe boating for everybody. Any drug use is strictly prohibited and offenders are automatically reported to the police.

Can I Go Swimming from the boat?

No. Swimming, from the boat is strictly not permitted and may cause injury or damage.

Are There Any Other Restrictions?

Our hire boats can not have any pets aboard and also there is no cooking allowed.