Boat Hire Just North of Frankston

Bluey’s Has The Best Boats In The Area. The best fishing boat hire for Frankston residents can be found at Bluey’s in Mordialloc, which has a long tradition of excellence throughout the Melbourne area. They have been serving the area with quality boat hires for over 100 years. It is all about fun, fishing, and the best boats around at Bluey’s. With their twenty-plus fleet of boats, they have something for everyone ranging from the traditional classic boats to the more modern top of the range extreme boats. No matter the choice, Bluey’s has the experience to ensure that boaters have not only a great time, but a safe one as well.


Boating experience is not required nor is a boating licence to hire a boat from Bluey’s. The staff will make sure that your group has all the tools necessary in order to make the trip safe and fun. It is the training and knowledge that Bluey’s provides that makes them the choice for fishing boat hire. Frankston residents will find that the finest employees are hired at Bluey’s and they will provide the best service in the business. With all of the different where to buy modafinil online in 2021 species of fish in the bay, the experienced professionals at Bluey’s can tell you where different fish are biting and how to best catch them.

Within 15 minutes of your departure point, there are some famous reefs which offer some great fishing.

They are also very scenic if you are into just cruising around the bay. Deep Drop, for example, has been known to have some very large fish prowling around, especially when it is calm on an early morning. The staff will also let you know of any activity at Pinnacles or Arty, an artificial reef which has seen all sorts of fish congregate in the area. There is no doubt that the best fishing boat hire for Frankston residents, and others throughout the entire Melbourne area is right at Bluey’s Boat Hire.

Frankston Boat Hire