Fishing Report – August 2019

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August is the last month of Winter and the crowds and activity are still quite slow. The fish however are still about and occasionally on the bite for the keen anglers prepared to get out on the water. Winter can also see spectacular weather, especially when the sun is shining and the wind is non existent. Pinky pan sized snapper are still getting caught and flathead are still on the bite by the bucket load. Many other species are being landed …. photos and big smiles are still happening.

IMPORTANT FACT – The lack of heat in the afternoon means the winds stay away and Winter can often provide the best water conditions of the year.

Mornington Boat Hire     snapper1

KingGeorgeWhiting    Salmon

Best baits are squid cut into strips, pilchards and pippies. Mornings are always best as the water is calmer and the fish are on the bite. Fish are being caught throughout the day.

Our Famous Five Hotspots are still keeping everybody busy with Pinnacles and Old Faithful continuing to get the best results. When the weather is calm a slow drift without using the anchor is a great tactic to fish a large area … you might lose a few hooks and sinkers on snags though. At Bluey’s we have super fresh bait and all the tackle you need to catch your dream fish and we will give you tips and advice on where they are biting and what bait is working best.

click here for the Famous Five Hotspot map

Our opening hours are:

June 1st to August 31st – Open Every Weekend, closed mid-week

The area around Mordialloc has the reputation as the premium Snapper location on Port Phillip Bay and Bluey’s is the only boat hire operation that provides access to the waters around the Famous Five reef systems. Just 5-15 minutes by boat and you are right in the middle of the action! We see 5kg+ snapper on our hire boats every year with the occassional 10kg monster being landed. The photos and smiles are always awesome.

A Dusky Flathead
Fish in Bucket
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