Fishing Boat Hire Mordialloc

If you are looking for the best fishing boat hire in Mordialloc, look no further than Bluey’s. In the boating business for over 100 years, Bluey’s has the best boats and the best service, all at the most affordable prices. Whether you want to hire a boat to do some fishing or just spend a day out cruising around the bay, the staff at Bluey’s can set you up with one of over twenty boats for hire. You can choose from the most traditional boats all the way up to top of the range extreme boats.


The focus at Bluey’s is on affordable fun and it is what they have been doing in the Mordialloc area for many years. Only the best are hired at Bluey’s and that experience pays off. For those heading out on a fishing trip in the bay, the staff can help with where the fish are located and the best ways to catch them. If you happen to be an inexperienced angler, staff members can give you some tips and advice before you head out so that you have the best experience possible.

Even those who have been fishing for years can benefit from the service provided at Bluey’s. When searching for fishing boat hire in Mordialloc, Bluey’s is your best choice.

The great thing about boat hire from Bluey’s is that you do not need to have any experience with boating. The staff will provide you and your group with the tools necessary to have a great time. There is no boating licence required either. The staff takes safety very seriously and will ensure that your group has an enjoyable, safe trip. There are five famous reefs within 15 minutes of your departure point. You can try your luck fishing near Deep Drop, Old Faithful, or any of the others. Whatever it is you are looking for, remember that Bluey’s fishing boat hire in Mordialloc has everything you need for your day on the bay.