Hire The Best Fishing Boat In Mornington

With a long tradition of excellence, Bluey’s is the best fishing boat hire for Mornington residents. For over 100 years, they have been providing residents and visitors alike the most affordable and enjoyable excursions on the bay. It starts with a great location and Bluey’s adds the best boats and, by far, the best service in the Mornington area. Whether it is a day of fishing or just a day enjoying the sights on the bay, Bluey’s can provide it all.


The experienced staff at Bluey’s is able to provide the best fishing boat hire for Mornington residents.

From their fleet of over twenty, Bluey’s has top of the range extreme boats as well as more traditional classics. There is something for everyone. Bluey’s focuses on fishing and they are able to offer much more than just a boat. The staff can tell you where the fish are, where they are biting, and give you tips on how to best catch them. Bluey’s wants to make sure your time on the bay is fun and when you are catching fish, you are having fun.

Bluey’s also has tackle, bait, and hire rods to go with fishing boat hire.

Mornington residents will also find that Blue’s also offers training for inexperienced fishermen as well as novice boaters. You do not need to have any experience on a boat to hire one from Bluey’s. A boating licence is not required either. The staff will make sure that a group is trained and ready to go on a safe, enjoyable trek around the bay. Bluey’s will give its customers the most affordable, enjoyable opportunity to relax with family and friends on the bay.