Frankston’s Finest For Fishing Boat Rental

Frankston’s Finest For Fishing Boat Rental When looking for fishing boat rental, Frankston residents will find that the clear choice is a boat hire company with over 100 years in the business – Bluey’s Boat Hire. Bluey’s has been operating for generations from the same great location providing exceptional service and the best boats to its customers. You cannot beat the boats anywhere. With a fleet of over 20 to choose from, there are the top of the range Extremes, which are the fleet’s premium boats, as well as the more traditional Classics, which are more roomy and stable. Bluey’s prides itself on having the best boats available to make your fishing excursion the best possible.


Bluey’s is the clear choice for fishing boat rental, as Frankston residents will discover upon visiting. It is not only known for its wide selection of great boats; Bluey’s Boat Hire has the best service and most knowledgeable staff around.

Not only do customers get great boats, but they also get training, tips, and advice that help them to have a most memorable experience. The employees at Bluey’s can share all kinds of fishing advice to novice and even the most experienced anglers. Customers can go out on the bay knowing where the fish are biting and knowing the best bait and tackle to use in order to catch them.

There is no experience required nor is a boating licence needed when hiring a boat from Bluey’s. The staff will make sure that your group has a safe, relaxing time on your excursion no matter your level of experience with boats. They have a long tradition of boat hire in the area with the best boats, the finest fishing, and most superior service. It is what makes Bluey’s the only choice for a fishing boat rental for Frankston residents.