How to Increase Your Chances of Catching a Fish

How to Increase Your Chances of Catching a Fish

When you hire a boat for a day of fishing with friends or family, you have an idea of what it will be like in your head. You speed off the beautiful Australian coast with a car full of drinks and snacks for a fun day at sea. You catch enough
fish to fill your freezer and then some. You make amazing memories and feel alive!

When you hire a boat, you can expect a great time and an unforgettable experience. But the ocean is unpredictable, and fishing even more so. You have no guarantee that you will catch any fish when you go out on the water. However, you can do a few things to increase your chances of reeling in a fish. Follow the guidelines below to help you reel in a real catch.

Hire as Early as Possible

If you are a fishing novice, you can do one major thing to catch more fish. Hire a boat as early in the day as possible. The earlier you wake up in the day, the more fish you’ll hypothetically hook. Why? Fish like to bite early in the
morning and late in the evening. Most boat hire companies only allow hires during daylight hours, which means you’ll need to show up at opening time to find more fish.

Read Local Fishing Reports

Another tactic you can employ before your fishing trip is to read local fishing reports the day before. Even the most experienced fishermen read fishing reports online to learn about yesterday’s catch, what bait worked successfully that day and what type of fish people found. Fishing reports give a real-time insider look into successful tactics used by other fishermen.

If you are a novice, rely heavily upon these reports to learn which bait to use and which fish to try for. Each fish requires a different type of rod, bait, hook and set-up. Increase your your chances of reeling in a fish, and set a goal for only one type of fish. You’ll spend less time setting up new gear and more time with your hook in the water.

Throw Out Burley

You can buy Burley from your boat hire shop and use it to attract fish to your boat. Ask your boat hire attendant which type of burley works best for the species you’ll fish for.
Know When to Move

Good fishermen often catch more fish because they know when to move on. Especially in a boat, it’s easy to move around until you find a spot where fish bite. If you set your rod and don’t catch a fish within 10 minutes, try a new area. This practice will help you figure out what works and allow you to see more gorgeous areas along the coast.

Fish at a Hot Spot

When you hire a boat to fish the ocean for a day, you can expect more fish to bite if you travel to a hot spot. These ‘hot spots’ refer to proven fishing grounds that offer up more fish than other areas. Often, hot spots are closely guarded secrets used by avid fishermen after trial and error. However, you can ask your boat hire company for tips on where to go. Or better yet, hire a guide to take you there.

As a rule, fish often populate around steep drop-offs, piers, rock formations or other unusual objects. You can use a rented fish finder to determine where these drop-offs are.

Manage Expectations

Even if you don’t catch a fish on your day at sea, you can still expect a rejuvenating experience that leaves you excited for the next trip. Fishing is a sport that many spend years mastering, so don’t feel too disappointed if you catch fewer fish than you expected on your first trip. A happy fisherman is one who enjoys the experience of communing with nature and treats a catch like an added bonus.

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