The Best Boat Hire Around Mornington

It is far too easy to spend time in Mornington, one of Australia’s most beautiful seaside towns and not want to explore the Port Phillip Bay closer. There are a lot of great things to be experienced on those waters, from world-class fishing to a simple enjoyment of the outdoors. But if you are looking for boat hire in Mornington, why not take a short drive to Mordialloc, another small area situated on Port Philip Bay? There, you will find Bluey’s Boat Hire, a helpful boat rental business with close access to all of the best fishing spots in the area. After all Mordialloc is known for the best boating and fishing spots in Melbourne!


Indeed, Bluey’s Boat Hire, with its close proximity to beautiful reefs and other areas teeming with the best, biggest and hungriest fish Port Philip Bay has to offer, is a tried-and-true outlet for all anglers in the area. Not only does our team know the best spots for scoring the most fish, they also can provide you with order modafinil with fast shipping rods, reels, bait and tackle, as well as advice about native fish species and education about how to pilot a fishing boat safely and efficiently. Said another way, Bluey’s Boat Hire offers an all-in-one fishing extravaganza.

If you are looking for boat hire in Mornington, but don’t have much passion for fishing, Bluey’s Boat Hire can still show you a good time. Whether you are looking to learn about boats, see the sights of the Port Philip Bay area, swap stories with a local or just enjoy the great outdoors, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, Bluey’s Boat Hire is the marine adventure vendor for you.

Mornington Boat Hire