The Top 10 Fishing Locations in Australia

The Top 10 Fishing Locations in Australia

You’ve hired the boat and you’ve purchased your gear. Now it’s time to find the best fishing location around. Whether you live in Victoria or another area of the country, here are 10 of our top locations for catching fish.

1. Mallacoota (Victoria)

Mallacoota is a small town located in the eastern region of Victoria. Off the coast lies one of our favourite fishing spots in the state. You can find salmon and gummy sharks, as well as the snapper, kingfish and flathead. In addition to the fish, Mallacoota proves a relaxing visit for tourists, with attractions like its wilderness coast, birdwatching, surfing and boating.

2. Lakes Entrance (Victoria)

Not far from Mallacoota, we find Lakes Entrance, an area surrounded by many lakes. Lakes Entrance acts as a central hub to these lakes, which represent some of the best fishing water Victoria has to offer. Look for bream, flathead, trevally and luderick in this region.

3. Sunshine Coast (Queensland)

Sunshine Coast is a major metropolitan area located on the coast of Queensland. You’ll find several lakes in the area, where you should look for bass and saratoga. Near the coast, you may find flathead, bream, mangrove jack, whiting and other species. Whether you’re looking for freshwater or saltwater fish, Sunshine Coast has a little of everything.

4. Cape York (Queensland)

Cape York is the large peninsula at the northern tip of Queensland. Though wilderness covers most of the peninsula, you can find incredible fishing locations at the tip. Many species inhabit the area, including Spanish mackerel, cobia, queenfish, trevally and even coral trout. If you search hard enough, you can find several areas not frequently travelled by other fishers—a great advantage of Cape York’s size.

5. Cairns (Queensland)

Like the other coastal cities listed here, Cairns holds a reputation as a great fishing spot. Located near the Great Barrier Reef, this region hosts a wide range of fish species. A boat or a fishing charter buy best of best modafinil online come in handy to find some of the best spots around the Great Barrier Reef.

6. Jervis Bay (New South Wales)

New South Wales houses Jervis Bay, another coastal location with terrific fishing locations. The area holds a wide variety of locals and fish species. If you’re lucky, you might catch a marlin, but flathead, bream and whiting also come in great abundance.

7. South West Rocks (New South Wales)

Travel to South West Rocks, a quaint village located about 450km north of Sydney. This spot remains mostly overlooked by tourists and, therefore, ideal for a quiet getaway on holidays or long weekends. The city boasts a number of great fishing locations perfect for catching coastal fish.

8. Port Lincoln (South Australia)

Known for its seafood, Port Lincoln comes with a stellar reputation for fishing. You’ll find whiting, squid, snapper and salmon at Port Lincoln. Even if you don’t catch any fish, you still have a trail of amazing seafood restaurants ready to satisfy your craving for fish.

9. Canberra

In addition to discovering the political centre of the country, you’ll also find some amazing lakes in Canberra that are perfect for a day of fishing. If you’re looking for cod, redfin or golden perch, you might get lucky. Go to the Googong Dam for some of the best water.

10. Tasmania

The island off the coast of Victoria boasts some of the best saltwater and freshwater fish in Australia. Most of the lakes and other freshwater sources hold trout, and you can find many saltwater species off the coast. Tasmania has a great road system, so you should have no problem finding the right location.

All around Australia, you’ll find many varieties of fishing locations for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. So what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday and embark on your fishing adventure now.

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