Weather Update

Your safety and enjoyment are our absolute priority. Our boats can be hired when winds are below 15 knots (approx 25kmh) depending on the wind direction and sea conditions. At Bluey’s Boat Hire we offer a Good Weather Guarantee that enables bookings to simply be rescheduled if boating conditions are not suitable. No fees, no hassles!

Mornings are typically calmer and you usually catch more fish!

WEATHER FORECAST (reported November 1st 2020)

*SUN, NOV 1st – Good boating and fishing conditions in the morning

*MON, NOV 2nd – Perfect water conditions, sunny and calm all day

*TUE. NOV 3rd – Warm to hot, water the calmest in the morning


Call us on 03 9580 2902 for an update on the weather if you are unsure.